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Jardins du Pérou - Montpellier
Currently viewing: 1-5 September | 2007 | Montpellier | France

About the Conference

Antigone Arc de Triomphe Hotel de Région Faculté de Médecine Nocture

A biennial meeting on the cell nucleus.

The first Conference on Nuclear Structure and Dynamics held in 2005 was the first of a series of conferences that will take place every two years.
This conference will focus on the role of the nuclear periphery, nuclear bodies, RNAs, chromosomes, chromatin, and molecular machineries in the regulation of genome function. This broad field will be covered by contributions presenting a large spectrum of molecular, genetic and cell biological approaches applied in a wide range of organisms. The programme will include invited talks, selected talks and ample time for poster discussion.


We thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in Montpellier!

Giacomo Cavalli, Christoph Cremer, Susan Gasser,
Thoru Pederson, Frank Uhlmann and Roel Van Driel

Practical information:

The number of participants will be limited to 200

Registration will open on March 1st and close on May 15th

Acceptance will be notified on June 15th, and the deadline for payment will be July 5th


Registration fees:

  • Regular: 600 Eur
  • PhD Students: 500 Eur
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