Transcription-Replication Crosstalk 
and Genome Instability

14-18 November 2016,
Roscoff, France

Registration and Abstract submission dealine: 

1st September 2016

EMBO keynote lecture: S. Gasser, Switzerland    


P. Pasero, France
A. Aguilera, Spain

B. Arcangioli, France
R. Bermejo, Spain
F. Chédin, USA
K. Cimprich, USA
F. Coin, France
A. Constantinou, France
M. Debatisse, France
O. Fernandez-Capetillo, Spain
V. Géli, France
J. Gautier, USA
A. Groth, Denmark
G. Legube, France
D. Libri, France
D. Livingston, USA
S. Lambert, France

M. Lopes, Switzerland
J. Lukas, Denmark
R. Martienssen, USA
S. Mirkin, USA
A. Morillon, France
M. Muzi-Falconi, Italy
A. Nussenzweig, USA
S. Polo, France
Y. Pommier, USA
F. Posas, Spain
N. Proudfoot, UK
J. Sale, UK
J. Svejstrup, UK
V. Vanoosthuyse, France
A. Verdel, France

The conference will cover topics such as:

   - Replication – transcription conflicts 
   - R-loops and genomic instability 
   - Replication stress 
   - Pervasive transcription 
   - Maintenance of the epigenome 
   - Transcription and DNA damage
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